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Jul 15, 2013
    1. DanielM
      well mate, i wont be able to make it down for the next iwl, its my birthday the night before and god only knows where i'll end up. And i dont want to commit and only end up waking up in some random house at 11 in the morning and really ****ing everyone over. If you can get someone ive no problem lending them my marker for the day if needs be. Let me know how ya go :grin:

      your pm inbox was full
    2. MrMonster
      Cool sounds good, I'll give you a shout during the week to organise something, I know he's going to be chuffed, and he'll prob be better than me with the few extra stones I've added :)
    3. MrMonster
      Hey Glen
      Quick intro, I'm Chris, just getting back into the sport, been absent for way to many years and everyone on here I've been chatting to has told me to go battlebridge, So I'm looking to come up on the 3rd June is there any groups on that day I can join in with. Looking to bring my son. He's just turned 12 and he's looking to start playing with his old dad :) Also I've just my TM-15 hooper and HPA so will be great to check everything out before heading off to TCUK with Loki.

      Chris aka Monster
    4. Loki
      Hi Glen
      Can I come on Sunday 13 to your field, need to set up my marker after upgrades, not really that crazy about playing, unless your punters want to:)
    5. Redzer
      oh yea man i see it... it got moderated for some reason probably by the system (no idea why).... should be up now mate sorry about that
    6. Redzer
      you posted as a thread? dunno mate i never saw it.... throw it up again
    7. civie
      Glen, any bookings on the 6th of May that a friend and I can join in?
    8. paulie
      I dunno where they are, ask mike
    9. Redzer
      Cheers I'll do that now
    10. Loki
      Can't make it, working mate, but thanks for remembering.
    11. sparky55ie
      hey glen, there will be an email shortly to all captains about the IWL. we have a forum ready aswell.
    12. sparky55ie
      hey man, sorry didnt get back to ya.
      have it as sorted as i can, needs a part. but it works now no worries.
    13. civie
      Yes glen.I'll be playing this year.
    14. bpb
      Well how are things now? You still on for coming back over with me to China. I am back on the 9th Feb and coming back to China th 23rd Feb. I got the return flight for €590 on Cheap flights | Free flight comparison at . Let me know before the end of the week and I will organise for us to go to the factory the end of Feb. All factories close for nearly a month at the end of this week. The return flight to China is with Emirates 162 leaving Dub 23 Feb 12.55. Chat you soon
    15. bpb
      Glen, were you still on for a visit in Feb? I will be home at the start of the Feb its my fathers 60th bday. If you want we head back on the same flight? Oh yea I will be down for a game when I am back miss shooting people :)
    16. bpb
      Well stranger how is all at home? I am heading to the international canton trade show this weekend. Its the biggest trade show in the world. I will keep an eye out for anything that might be of use to you. Still waiting to get our internet it will be next week before we get it sorted. My number over here is 008618676922763 chat you soon mind yourself.
    17. ciaran 4m elite force
      ciaran 4m elite force
      all the more important price and condition?
    18. ciaran 4m elite force
      ciaran 4m elite force
      Hey i have been informed that you may have a pmr going?
    19. cant find me
      cant find me
      Hiya Glen, unfortunately I am out of action for a while, my back gave way on Sunday and have spent the last few days in bed, sorry dude, otherwise I would have backed you up bro,Paul
    20. civie
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