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Jun 27, 2011
Aug 16, 2009
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dr death

New Member, from dublin

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Jun 27, 2011
    1. The Outlaw
      The Outlaw
      Cool beans Bro, let me know either way.. its all good.... Hope to see you back in combats sometime soon.... ;)
    2. The Outlaw
      The Outlaw
      If you cant sell the package I will take the Goggles off you Death. ;) Need as many as I can spare for the team.
    3. jabyrne13
      yeah jay ill be there alright, you gonna be there?
    4. Loki
      Death, you alive?? going to walk on on 30 (elite force??)
    5. Shane
      if your looking for a high capacity shell pm JAF he stocks a lot of dye products and will prob be able to give u the best price u will find! I got my rotor + quickfeed and an ego09 great seller!
    6. kowal
      no meybe nex week, but I will be on traning nex sat.
    7. paulie
      Hey jay, yep iphone gone im afraid, €380 in the end , had it for member here for €320 but no offers, lads here are too poor
    8. Oldwolf
      Hi mate.Sorry i didn't get back to you sooner.Patches should be here soon.No worries i have your name on one.(You back stabbing rat)oooooooosps .?Did i say that out loud?
      Shame your not training next Sat.
    9. Mysticmak
      When ever you can drop it round Jay, will have to try and plan a time for me to fit it, was looking at quick install options too, but their wiring is shocking!
    10. cant find me
      cant find me
      Hiya Jay. I certainly could do one for you if you fancy, what did you have in mind, something like outlaws one, cheers, Paul
    11. The Outlaw
      The Outlaw
      I am sure he will do you a deal...... ;)
    12. dr death
      dr death
      ahhhhh, know it. only place where an inch is a mile. lol. could make that evenings.
    13. paulie
      Just outside of arklow about 5 kms. Technically its called inch i suppose
    14. eoin99
      I will be getting some high capacity shells in early next week.
    15. Mysticmak
      Trying to get the upgrades sorted out now Dr.Death, glad yu like the TM, hopefully get a spot of playing in before Christmas!
    16. Loki
      smart parts freak 14' freak barrel, but I am seriously considering this barrel:
      Lapco Bigshot Assault 10 inch - €47.65 : AIRDROP Paintball, All balls and paint!
      nice and 10' would look great on tm 7.
    17. Loki
      Death check your post in for sale thread, u have potential buyer mate
    18. Loki
      on John's site there is a review o it by Paulie, additionally check forums/markers/tm7 posts.
      form my personal experience, it is very good marker, nice and smooth package, but you will need to invest in better barrel, something like stiffi carbon or smart parts, although mine was chopping paint like crazy last time, maybe that was because the paint was crap. think about t lock upgrade, well worth it and do yourself a favour and buy dye rotor loader, pricey but simply the best, Be quite gentle with it, do not throw it on the ground too much and go easy on selector switch, from what I gathered reading forums this thing can break easily. register your varranty on line and check BT OWNERS FORUM | - BT Warrior : Home for any support you need, good lads and lassies there, also people from KEE action sport and bt paintball. shout if you have any problems.
    19. Loki
      have you bought it already??
    20. Loki
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    dye rotor ( digi camo)
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