Dublin Reapers - Looking for new players

Discussion in 'Speedball' started by Colm, Jan 26, 2011.

  1. Gaëtan Leriche

    Gaëtan Leriche New Member

    Hi lads , me and three other lads would be interested to play once a week. Two of us used to play twice a week in a team in france . let me know
  2. Redzer

    Redzer Administrator Staff Member

    Dublin Reapers disbanded about a year ago. The only speedball team left in Ireland is Team Wildfire who play in Capital Paintball in Swords. Give Mark.E a PM
  3. Gaëtan Leriche

    Gaëtan Leriche New Member

    What... one team left in the country. okay so anyone interested about creating an other one located Co louth. Ive made up a team about 3 years ago in Dunkirk Northern France. We ve never done any majors tournament but we had regulars training sessions, played against other local teams. Then got all ready to go to a national tournament and ... i moved in Ireland ! lol ! Havent played since then but ive got already a gang who would definetely playing once a week. Now , i havent got a clue about paintball in ireland. Is there still national competition? what about the ex players of reapers? Is Puddenhill still offering their pitch? Please let me know
  4. Tomas

    Tomas New Member

  5. Redzer

    Redzer Administrator Staff Member

    Your best bet is to drop up to one of Wildfire's Training sessions or to the competition on Saturday and have a chat with the lads.

    At the moment there is only a national woodsball league, IWL. Anarky is pretty close to Louth and they have a speedball field so if your still interested in setting up a team I'd have a chat with Anarky. Barrage is still there but I'm not sure if they still have their millennium field. Best PM Oldwolf as he owns Barrage (now called Bedlam).

    As for the Reapers, only one or two of them play any more.
  6. Ed

    Ed Member

    There are still players from other teams knocking around too. Looks like most who are still playing end up training at Capital now (myself included).
  7. paulie

    paulie Active Member

    Rapid fire paintball also lads, they have a number of speedball fields, they have night ball too

  8. Redzer

    Redzer Administrator Staff Member

    Yep as Ed said there are a good few random players floating around that just turn up SOD's and trainings etc

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