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    Does what it says on the tin, register/sign in and create your fantasy paintball team. My teams HERE

    How does it work?
    Each player has a salary based on their performance this season. Use your $25,000 salary cap to recruit 8 players for your team. Your team must have exactly 8 players. You have until 8 AM Friday morning to submit your team or make any changes.

    As the event progresses, your players will earn, and sometimes lose, points based on their performance on the field in each match they play through the Finals.

    • Confirmed Kill: +100
    • Play a Point that is Won: +100
    • Finish Point Alive: +100
    • Eliminated on the break: -100
    • Receive a Minor Penalty: -200
    • Receive a Major or Gross Penalty: -400
    Your score is the total of all points earned by all 8 of your players, plus one point for every unused dollar of your salary cap up to 5,000 points.

    To the Victor
    Choose your team wisely, as the person who has the highest score at the end of World Cup will receive a full gear package from DYE:

    • DYE DM14 Marker
    • DYE I4 Goggles
    • DYE UL Pants
    • DYE UL Jersey
    Click the empty white space in the box to select from the list of players. You may type the name of a player or team to jump to search. Players already on your team are highlighted in green, players whose salary is too high for your remaining salary cap are in red.

    You may save your team with any number of players, but only teams submitted with 8 players will be counted. Your team must be submitted by 8 AM EDT Friday morning, but you can edit your team anytime before then.

    Fine Print
    One team submission per person. Any prize will be awarded to the person listed on the APPA account associated with the team submission. Name and birth date on the APPA account must match exactly the winning person's government-issued photo ID; please update your email address, phone number and mailing address to ensure prize delivery. Prize may be split into multiple prizes of similar total value at’s discretion in the event of multiple winners. Stats are as recorded by the PSP Stats Officials. Paintball Access, Sports Media Productions, Paintball Sports Promotions, and DYE Precision employees and staff are not eligible to receive prizes. No purhcase necessary.
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