IPL Manic Cup Live Scores

Discussion in 'Irish Paintball League' started by Irish Paintball League, Apr 9, 2010.

  1. We will try to keep this updated as fast as posible during the day

    10-10.40 Reapers 4 DIT 0

    11-11.40 DIT 0 Karnage 4

    12-12.40 Karnage 4 v Reapers 0

    Well done to Karnage taking first place!
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  2. First post updated. 3 game to be played.
  3. First post updated

    Well done to Karnage!
  4. Jny

    Jny New Member

    Nice one boys!!
  5. Ciaran

    Ciaran Member

    Excellent work lads :D
  6. bobbyzulu

    bobbyzulu New Member

    Fair play lads for keeping the flag flying!
  7. paulie

    paulie Active Member

    Well done from what i have heard it seems to be an extremely enjoyable day up there
  8. Ed

    Ed Member

    well done guys!
  9. Mingin

    Mingin New Member

    Aye, it was really good fun. Well done to Karnage, no points lost ain't half bad at all. Also well done to DIT, it's good to see a college team involved. Weather was lovely, it's good preparation for Malaga and roll on the next one
  10. Jod3000

    Jod3000 Active Member

    Excellent day had by all concerned, epic to see a few new faces and epic to see old faces after the break in the season :D
  11. Thank you to all that came and made the journey! Again well done to Karnage and see you all at next event!
  12. Rob

    Rob Unmodified

    Have to hand it to Karnage - they've added some serious aggression to their game (which was pretty good before ;) ). Well done guys - the masters is really paying off.

    DIT - really good to see you guys out there - well done.
  13. DR.X

    DR.X New Member

    thanks for a great event guys and the kind words :)
    the weather was great for it and i will let the ipl committee take credit for that too haha :)
  14. Ruddman

    Ruddman Active Member

    Thanks for a great day lads. well done to karnage for their win, was nice to get out and play again, and i thought the lads that played for DIT did an admirable job! :)
  15. DR.X

    DR.X New Member

    too right they did rudd fair play to kept their heads up all day well done :)
  16. Robbie_O

    Robbie_O Active Member

    Lovely day thanks to DIT and the Reapers. Things clicked pretty well for us today.
  17. eoin99

    eoin99 Active Member

    I agree with that, you guys were playing well.

    Glad people enjoyed the day and thanks to all who made it out. Weather couldn't have been better. Looking forward to the next event.
  18. Redzer

    Redzer Administrator Staff Member

    Thanks all for the great day and well done to karnage for the win (ya's played class)
  19. DR.X

    DR.X New Member

    any pic's going anyone ?

  20. paullogan

    paullogan Member

    i got pics but i wont have them till tomorrow not many tho , and well done to karny's really enjoyed the day ,

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