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    The Capital Paintball 3-Man Cup will take place on the 25th of May. 9.00am @ Capital Paintball Dublin

    The game format will be 3-Man Race to 2 with a time limit of 10 mins. Finals and semi-finals Race to 3.

    Teams are limited to 4 players.

    Entry cost is €50 per team.

    Entries fee must be received one week before the tournament, 15th May. (Exceptional just for teams arriving from abroad)

    Paint must also be pre-ordered by the 15th May. Prices for pre ordered paint are as follows:

    G.I. Sportz 1 Star - €30
    G.I. Sportz 3 Star - €35

    G.I. Sportz 1 Star will be available on the day for €32 a box.

    If you would like to bring your own paint (BYOP) there is an extra green fee of €50 per team.

    We aim on having 3 events this year with Rnd2 24th Aug and Rnd3 4th October, Rnd2 & 3 dates are provisional for the time being.

    So is there any interest out there for the Irish 3Man tournament ? Last years event was a blast with plenty of teams, old faces and were hoping to grow from it.

    Post up if you've a team wanting to attend, or if you're a solo player looking for team on the day.
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    Can't make this ill be away :(
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    What are the prices of stuff in capital like? I'll finally be finished exams then.
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    Same as last year. €50 entry per team and paint prices below.
    Prices for preordered paint are as follows:
    G.I. Sportz 1 Star - €30
    G.I. Sportz 3 Star - €35

    Any more questions keep throwing them up guys ill do my best to answer them
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    Anyone looking to make up a team?

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