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    YouTube- Irish Paintball League 2010

    The Irish Paintball League is back with a vengence. The 2010 season promises to be our best one yet. We have been working hard during the off season to organise 5 great events as we build on the highly successful 2009 season and continue to make the events fun and memorable.

    2010 Confirmed Dates

    Event 1 - Barrage Paintball, Ashbourne - Saturday 10th April 2010
    Event 2 - Barrage Paintball, Ashbourne - Saturday 8th May 2010
    Event 3 - Barrage Paintball, Ashbourne - Saturday 19th June 2010
    Event 4 - Barrage Paintball, Ashbourne - Saturday 28th August 2010
    Event 5 - Barrage Paintball, Ashbourne - Saturday 9th October 2010

    note: dates are subject to change and are dependant on the Millennium Series and UKM dates.

    2010 Pricing Structure

    The Irish Paintball League has been in negotiations to secure better deals for the players to decrease costs over the season. We are proud to announce the following pricing scheme for 2010:

    Season Pass: €500 (covers all 5 events)
    Event Pass: €150

    Paint Cost: €40/box (2000 paintballs)

    2010 Format and Rules

    2010 will only see some minor changes to the rules and will continue to be based on last years Race to 4 format (MS SPL format). Rules will be made available in advance of the first event.

    We look forward to another exciting year of paintball and hope to see you on the field in 2010!!! For any additional information please visit our website:

    or contact us at

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  2. Ravin_sk

    Ravin_sk Active Member

    wow that's a big jump from 350 to 500
  3. The Outlaw

    The Outlaw New Member

    Is that per team or Player????

    Seems over priced in my opinion if its per player.

    P.S how many teams enter this event and how many players per team???
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  4. Mingin

    Mingin New Member

    Per team and it covers all five events. Last year I think there were Rage, Reapers, Karnage, Wildfire, Bad Company, Fear and Marvel as regulars. Minimum five per team playing at a time.
  5. paddyenglish

    paddyenglish New Member

    That is a big increase from last year!!! why is the price jump so high?

    Paint might have been reduced to 40euro a box but increasing the Entry Fee by 150 euro per team, when people are struggling to train etc due to money issues, loss of jobs etc etc.

    Can someone from the IPL explain the reasons for this? so teams/individuals can way up if it is worth the extra 150 euro increase to enter the events this year.
  6. DaveJ

    DaveJ Karny 4 Life

    In my honest opinion it's still pretty cheap to be fair, if you have the minimum of 5 players it works out at €20 per person per event, it's very little more than a standard field fee. And with the cut in paint prices I think it will pan out in the players favor.

    EDIT: I was just talking to Ed about the paint used at the IPL, and in the last event BC used 14 boxes. I'm only using BC as an example since I can't remember what we used, I think it was 12. Anyway, with the new structure, BC's paint bill would be €140 on that event alone. That pretty much covers the raised entry fee - based on just one event. If you applied that number throughout the season each team that makes finals would stand to save up to €700 on their season paint bill.

    Do the maths people, you'll see who comes out better - the players.
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  7. Richie

    Richie Administrator Staff Member

    Good points foxy. The 20% drop on paint price makes up for the entrance fee rise considering that paint is the greater cost involved.
  8. Mark.E

    Mark.E New Member


    We used a crazy amount of paint in the first 2 events last year.
  9. Dusty

    Dusty Ask someone else....

    Be careful with figures, there are lies, damned lies and statistics ;)

    The flip side of that particular coin is that BC (using Dave's example, and probably the largest paint consumption figure of the entire season for a single team) would have spent approx E150 each to play that final event. At the new pricing structure, they'll spend approx E130.


    So yes they'll save money on paint, but that doesn't necessarily make it good value for money**. 700 over 5 events, between 5 people works out at 28 euro less per person per event, which is no massive fortune either.

    Between 7 people which is more likely given the average squad size, it's 20 euro per head, per event.

    All depends what way you look at it i guess, it pans out in the favour of the player, just, but it will still cost each player approx 70 per player (based on 7 players) or 100 euro (based on 5 players) for a days playing paintball, not counting travel/accomodation where applicable, thats based on only 10 boxes used per team.

    **Value for money being the key phrase in this view, and obviously each person places a different value on a day balling
  10. Paddy

    Paddy New Member

    yeah i agree with dusty, me personality i think its crazy for a player having to spend up to 100 euros (maybe more) per event, i think players should have the choice of bring there own paint . .nearly any paintball competitions threw out the world give the player the chance to BYO paint.

    Also what sort of prizes we talkin to the winners?


    Ps. i like how 2009 footage is shown, thankfully ive given up on seening the 2008 finals between escarmouche and reapers.
  11. The Outlaw

    The Outlaw New Member

    Ahhhh ok thats not so bad then, Kinda almost had a heart attack when I seen the price and thought it was per player. ;)
  12. Tomas

    Tomas New Member

    what brand of paint are we talking about at 40euro a box ?
    which side of the field snake will be ?
    any chance of having proper players preparation tents ?
  13. enemy

    enemy Active Member

    i agree with tomas anyway. snake side should be on the pit side of the field, with a decent pit area. and what quality of paint are we talking about for 40 euro? i'd like to add one thing though, will anything be done to improve the reffing standards? when your asking teams to pay 500 euro for a season, you would surely expect to have a head ref who knows the rules.
  14. TommyG

    TommyG New Member

    500€ Seems incredibly cheap for a 5 event series, split between 5-8 guys.. Even with FPO at €40 a case for decent paint, that is not a huge amount to be able to play competative paintball.
    From the way some of the posts on here are written, i think some of you may be loosing perspective on this and taking for granted the world that the IPL guys have put in for everyones benefit.
    Paintball around the world is getting more expensive for everyone right now at all levels, so for the IPL to cut overall playing prices by ANY amount has got to be a great thing right now. From Dusty's calculations, it works out at 28€ an event cheaper this year. That is alot of money and could make the difference over a long year..

    From what i understand, surely without constructive critisism and continued support, the IPL will not continue to grow, and paintball in Ireland will suffer.. No league is perfect, and i am not trying to sound like the IPL is as i have never been, but it does sound like a great environment for you guys to learn off each others experiences abroad and bring that back to continue to grow your own home talent. Why cant all efforts be on continuing to help the league in any way, instead of throwing hard one liners and cheap jibes?
    Maybe im off the mark here, but I know if i was putting in the hard work this wouldnt encourage me to continue doing it.

  15. ion c

    ion c New Member

    At the end of the day, the IPL is run by guys who have jobs and lives too and organize this in their spare time. Its done to develop our sport.
  16. paddyenglish

    paddyenglish New Member


    Don't think they are throwing hard liners, cheap jibes they just want to put there views accross and reason to why the price increase in entry fee etc etc.

    You are right in saying players should work together to help the sport of Paintball in Ireland, but this works both ways Teams need to support other Events in Ireland not just the IPL.

    Sorry to here about your retirement in Playing Paintball, big loss to NEXUS.
  17. TommyG

    TommyG New Member

    Thanks Paddy, it's been rough that's for sure.

    I was just going off the comments above Paddy. In all posts there is barely a mention on the reduced paint prices (20% i believe?), but instead everyone feeling hard done by the seasons entry (which is still waaay way lower that anything else i have heard of).
    Have you guys emailed them your suggestions or reservations?

    Regarding other events in Ireland, i think it is hard to expect enough teams to be able to support other events when they are already comited to playing abroard (which is evidently great for Irish talent levels). Something has to give, and having more than one league or other one off events is clearly too much for 7-8 teams to support. In England, we have 4 main leagues, each with 15-40 teams in. None of those organisers are making great money and they definately arn't making paintball cheaper for their players! More dilution means less money and weaker competition for everyone, killing enthusiasm all round to host or play events..
    If you guys all work WITH the IPL constructively and positively, maybe for future years, they could work a way financially to remove FPO. Or maybe even bring the snake side near the pits this year! - (thats a crap idea btw, dorito ballers never get any love as it is)..

    This will no doubt help to generate more teams and a better standard..How many new teams popped up in Ireland and the IPL last year alone? I had thought there was a couple, with Fear stepping it up big time from what they were learning there.

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  18. paddyenglish

    paddyenglish New Member

    I don't think people are feeling hard done by like i said you like to know why, what is different than last year?

    I know the paint has been reduced but if you are comparing the IPL to events in the UK you can bring/buy Paint from outlets like LPS, Warped, etc and deffientely does not cost 40/50 euro a box of tourney grade ball.

    Not sure if anyone has emailed but why post up on a public forum if you do not want people to ask questions etc.

    Don't get me wrong in anyway, but its just questions that people are thinking and what has been disscussed else where.
  19. Whupass

    Whupass Hi! Haaaavvvve you met Ted?

    This is the same thing that was sent in the IPL newsletter email Paddy. I'm assuming that the reason it's up her is so that everyone can see the prices, not everyone will have subscribed to the email, and so that new teams or people considering bringing a new team to the event will know what it'll cost them.

    Not everything that's put up on a forum is put there so it can be questioned. Sometimes it's just to let a wide variety of people to see it.
  20. paddyenglish

    paddyenglish New Member

    And you point is? if thats the case ask a mod to lock the thread if you do not want questions asked, but in my eye its what forums are all about.

    I am really starting to wonder why i even asked the question in the first place!!! when this is what always happens on this forum.

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