Millennium World Cup Layout 2013

Discussion in 'Millennium Series' started by Redzer, Aug 16, 2013.

  1. Redzer

    Redzer Administrator Staff Member





    What does everyone think? Symmetrical layout should be very interesting. Can't wait to play it!
  2. Ardenno

    Ardenno Member

    Best layout ever
  3. Robbie_O

    Robbie_O Active Member

    Dislike. This looks like a layout i would come up with, design a quarter of the field, give up, copy paste x3. But, i see what they've done and its gonna be very interesting to play with no dedicated bag or snake side. SPL/CPL will be very entertaining to watch on this layout.
  4. Redzer

    Redzer Administrator Staff Member

    Haha yea it's like whoever designed the field was terribly hungover that day! I think it'll be brilliant to watch and play. I hope the PSP has a similar field layout for world cup!
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  5. MayneStream

    MayneStream Member

    Why the hell hasn't this happened sooner??
  6. Jaf

    Jaf New Member

    After playing the field my opinion on it is it stinks.
  7. weedave

    weedave New Member

    Awful field!
  8. Millie Massey

    Millie Massey New Member

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