Nick Slowiak Clinic @ Capital Paintball

Discussion in 'Speedball' started by Capital Paintball, May 8, 2012.

  1. enemy

    enemy Active Member

    hey capital, just to let you know (and make everyone jealous), i wont be able to make it to the clinic now, i'll be at the chicago open/living legends event.
  2. Mark.E

    Mark.E New Member

    Hey Karl no problem, enjoy the trip!
  3. Charlie

    Charlie Active Member

    If anyone is looking for gear on the day I have a gear bag full of cheap goodies for sale. Ill be doing everything for cheap. Need to clear out the wardrobe.

    Ill be at Capital on Sunday.

    Off the top of my head this is what I have:

    x6 Jerseys (Eclipse Ref jerseys orange)
    x2 Dye Pants (Size S)
    x1 Dye i3s
    x1 NT10 Black (as per one in B&S)
    x1 Dye Navigator (It needs some repairs but still a good job) Ill let it go for dirt cheap if someone wants it.

    I know there's more but Ill have to check later.
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  4. Gecko

    Gecko Member

    Saturday night going out


    We might wanna plan the night out at Saturday?

    We can offer Nick option A or either option B (what I prefer & he probably too) he´s not daily in IE!!!:D

    I know nothing in Dublin so need some advise!

    1.1227471000.all-old-men-in-the-pub.jpg the-quiet-man-pub.jpg 32118345_b0bf797b94_z.jpg

    night+out.jpg StPaddyInsideHats1.jpg st-patricks-day-party2.jpg
  5. Charlie

    Charlie Active Member

    haha have you asked him what he wants to do? He might like guys for all you know. :p
  6. battlebridge

    battlebridge New Member

    Would love to go to this clinic, but just been to my doctor...and thank god , im all clear...enjoy peeps
  7. MayneStream

    MayneStream Member

    Hey guys, has anyone got a spare bed (floor) for the night on Saturday?
  8. Mark.E

    Mark.E New Member

    Hey guys, just an update with the plan for the clinic. Can everyone signed up be on site at about 9am so you can get set up and podded up. The clinic will start at 10am on the dot and run for about 5 hours till 3pm, so best to avoid any long set up times, if you wish feel free to arrive earlier than this we should be on site from around 8am. Remember to check your gear is working the night before to avoid any disapointments in the morning, if the worst should happen we do have rental envys for use.

    If you have not been to the site yet, there are directions on the contact page of our website:

    If you get stuck on the day for batteries(which most of us allways forget) we sell them on site, along with energy drinks and snacks to wake us up in the morning. All thats left to do is hope for sun and we will see you on the weekend.
  9. Charlie

    Charlie Active Member

    How much for batteries on site? Wanna see if its worth my while getting off my ass to go buy some :D
  10. Redzer

    Redzer Administrator Staff Member

    Yea man I'll probably have a bed for ya
  11. Gecko

    Gecko Member

    Hope not "my" bed! :confused:

    Charlie, great stuff, so you can fix my NT in the afternoon! :mrgreen:

    For party, I can drive in and out, you can drink... :razz:
  12. Redzer

    Redzer Administrator Staff Member

    I have many beds! :)
  13. Mark.E

    Mark.E New Member

    9V are €3
  14. MayneStream

    MayneStream Member

    You legend!
  15. Mark.E

    Mark.E New Member

    any pics up redzer? also had a look at some of the raw footage the camra crew got and its looking good, should be out in a few weeks after all the editing is done.

    Hope everyone had a great time!
  16. Redzer

    Redzer Administrator Staff Member

    All the pics I took were using bymbas camera so he should have them. I'll throw up the few videos later today.

    Very enjoyable day thanks to the lads at capital and thanks to nick for making it possible :)
  17. GhostRidah

    GhostRidah New Member

    can i get the video raw aswell as edited?
    and can bymba send/upload HQ pictures somewhere somehow...other then facebook or photobucket cause those places destroy quality? thanks
  18. paullogan

    paullogan Member

    [QUOTE Charlie, great stuff, so you can fix my NT in the afternoon! :mrgreen:[/QUOTE]

    ahahahaha that is all !! :shock:
  19. MayneStream

    MayneStream Member

    Forgot to ask, how was Nick/Bymba on Sunday morning?! I have photographic evidence of Nick kissing a barbie doll that I don't remember taking...

    Also any other pictures of the day? Redzer, were you running round with a Go Pro a lot?
  20. Mark.E

    Mark.E New Member

    For those of you that were there, video highlights of the day:


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