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    Hi everyone,
    I'm Loic Voulot, #25, TonTon player. The player who has been banned 3 games for a shoot at 352 fps
    As you can see I don't post a lot, but now I have to.

    We say in french "Ne parle pas aux abrutis, ça les intruit", means sometime you have to be patient and not response to people talking about you.
    BUT when Chris Raehl starts to say lies on me, I have to take position.

    First I want to apology for my broken english, this is not my mother language, I ll try to do my best.

    Chris is a liar, or stupid, or both and I can not see why he is doing this. Chris is one of the top manager of the PSP, is he talking for himself or is it a way for the PSP to send a message to us?

    Chris, I'm the player with the gun shooting at 352fps and I'm not the durty cheater you want to describe.
    As we explained many times, I had a oring trouble on my stock gun. I want to say it loud and clear, my gun is a stock gun, from the board to the regulator. The 352 shoot was ONLY the first one, absolutely not during a game. My gun WAS NOT shooting at 352 fps!!

    After this game I was at the meeting between, Dave Youngblood, Tom Cole, Damien (Supr'airball staff to translate for me), Fabrice Colombo and me. You were not there but you are talking like you were there and know everything.
    I can give you an advice, instead of saying bull*****, you can ask to the PSP to give you my gun and have a look on it. I left America without the gun.
    The tech that opened my gun, I mean totally dismounted my gun said to Dave and Tom that the gun was 100% stock and nothing prove that it was intentional to shoot hot. It was a gun trouble, exactly the same that a CEP player had, shooting at 406 fps, in this case again, only the first shoot.
    Dave Youngblood himself explained to Tom that the hyper3 oring was looking like a "donut", leaking, increasing the pressure in the gun as long as you wait.
    I invite you to watch again the game on pbaccess. You ll see that I had a minor during the first 20 shoots the ref did with my gun (304fps, yellow flag).
    It s only minutes after, when the ref came again, my gun have spent minutes on the grass under the sun, my first shoot was at 352 fps, then one at 320 fps then all the shoots under 300fps.

    I m 100% sorry for this, I know I had not spent enough time to take care of my gun, to change the orings, to open the gun, grease it. This is an oversight mistake, far away from what you talk about on this forum. This is a big mistake, absolutely not professional but oversight does not mean cheating.

    You are the n°3 or 4 of the PSP, you speak and write a good english, you manage the college paintball, good for you. It does not mean you are right.
    You don't know who I am, what I do and where I come from but you take the right to judge me and say lies.
    You can find hundreds of examples in other sports, try to compare, I really don't care because from the beginning, you're lying about me and the team.
    You use PSP releases to argue, so what do you think about this part

    "Lane Wright :
    6. Some TonTon equipment was confiscated and checked by techs.
    7. There's no evidence that the guns were intentionally set up to cheat. Nothing about the guns and what they were doing would have given any real advantage to the team using them.
    The TonTon's are not dirty cheating bastards - or at least the facts of this situation do not prove or even lean toward that conclusion.

    The PSP did not knowingly let them play games with break out modes because we were too lazy to do anything, have no regard for safety, or any other of the ridiculous reasons people have surmised.

    Additional penalties will be forthcoming. There is no evidence that the TonTon's engaged in intentional acts to gain advantage over teams and no evidence that malice was involved. Knowing the actual facts about what the guns were doing and/or not doing - there's no reason to believe the issues gave them any actual unfair advantage during competition.

    Once again, I'm so sorry for this oversight mistake, I run a paintball school, I'm the national French selection captain and member of the France paintball federation, I ll continue to put 100% of my energy to practice hard all year long to be more competitive on the field and promote as good as possible my passion.
    I don't need to cheat, I don't want to cheat and I have never cheated, I won't start today.

    I want to thank all the smart people that understood we made a mistake, all the people that support us, it counts a lot.
    We made a mistake, we respect the rules, we accept the punishment but I ca not accept how you try to deform the reality.

    There is a big difference between you and me, Chris.
    You say on a public space that my team and I are cheater, with no proof, using lies.
    I say you're a stupid liar with about 20 posts on this thread as proofs.

    Feel free to reach me by private message if you want to continue your vendetta but be sure I will not waste time to answer you right here. It does not help paintball and more important, I don't understand why you do this.

    "L'ignorance, c'est la force"

    TonTon 4 Ever
    #25 Loic Voulot
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    and another from Fabrice Tavarez Colombo

    Tonton World Cup Press release

    In order to avoid any confusion, Tonton will not compete the Orlando World Cup for financial reason*.
    The team is very disappointed .We have put a lot of efforts and money this year to play the PSP and we feel frustrated.
    I heard Matt Marshall to speak about a possible redemption by competing in Orlando but we just did in Paris Chantilly by finishing 2nd of the event and winning the Millennium series in CPL front of teams like Art Chaos, Edmonton Impact, Houston Heat, Los Angeles Infamous, London Nexus, Polars Bears, Frankfurt Syndicate..
    On the top of that we are EPBF European Champions for a 2nd time in a row and accessory French Champions as well.
    Regarding the PSP sanction after the riverside incident, we took note of it but we can not accept it.
    We believe we have been strongly already penalized at the event by not been able to play the Challenger final. We lost money and our spot in the pro category. We will not argue about it. We are entire responsible and we have not been professional enough and we have no excuses.
    But we can not accept that the PSP is considering that “one or more members of the team willfully took the field with intention of playing the game while knowing their markers were in excess of allowable speed limits” especially the one which shoot at 352 fps.
    By being myself with the tech guys and PSP officials, they admit the gun had an oring problem in the regulator Hyper 3.
    PSP knew we had stock gun and no intention to cheat.
    So we believe the sanction of unsportsmanlike behavior is disproportionate and we still dot not know why they took that sanction.
    Furthermore, we are surprised by some post of important PSP-SMP board members/partners which wrote on forums some “bizarre” comments like :
    “There was nothing wrong with any oring. I know because I was there and personally held the equipment, including the regulator assembly, and personally talked to the tech.”
    “But I think the Tontons player entered the field knowing they were shooting hot because I spoke with the Tontons player and who said they entered the field knowing they were shooting hot.”
    This lies generate for sure one important things .
    Until these people apologizes for their lies, tontons will not compete in the PSP

    Anyway, we had an incredible successful year and I take the opportunity to thanks all the players: Loic, Axel, Frank, Sebban, Karl, sushi, Seb and Pascal The coach. They are incredible players. The best guys I had the pleasure to play with the best possible spirit.
    I also would like to thanks ours sponsors: DYE, Projet K, Supairball, Virtue, Safer and Xpaint
    Fabrice Colombo alias Tavarez

    *some sponsors did not fulfill their engagement and we are running out of cash

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